Our range of Thermal Imaging Cameras...

Fulcrum have chosen e2v as our supplier of thermal imaging cameras for several reasons:

Firstly, e2v offer the highest quality handheld product on the market today and have an excellent after sales service.

Secondly, e2v manufacture the camera, all of it, including the software that it uses, which means that e2v is able to rapidly adapt the camera to suit the needs of our customers in the maritime market, something that many manufacturers are not able to do as they source parts and software from different sources.

Thirdly, the technology supplied by e2v has unique features, such as 2 battery packs supplied as standard, safety feature to prevent camera going into accidental standby mode or power down, a secure wireless transmission from the camera to a receiving unit up to 1km away. This technology was developed for the military market and is now available to the commercial market.

Lastly, the camera is, as you would expect, lightweight and waterproof, able to float, can be dropped in water, easy to use, has the highest screen refresh rate ensuring a smooth and continuous picture, has a high resolution wide screen for clarity of viewing and comes with a full range of accessories and a full 2 year warranty as standard.

In our opinion, if you are going to use a camera of this type, then you will want to buy the most reliable camera available.

Contact our business development team for prices and availability : enquiries@fulcrum-maritime.com