Thermal Imaging Cameras with optional wireless transmission

High quality, light weight, long range Thermal Imaging Camera with maximum screen refresh rate, battery life, memory, customisable images, complete with full accessories kit and software. Please go to the Documentation page to download a full technical specification and product brochure.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Conventional night-vision equipment magnifies ambient light, this is not thermal imaging. Thermal imaging does not require light but detects the heat signature of an object. Everything gives off heat. Thermal imaging cameras use this heat to "see" someone or something. This technology is highly sensitive and uses the thermal signature of an object which it converts into an electronic signal for the image to be seen on a screen. As thermal energy waves penetrate through environmental conditions quite well, an image can be seen through mist, dust, light rain, fog and in low light or night time conditions.

Maritime Applications for Thermal Imaging

We have identified a number of uses for thermal imaging in the maritime sector. Search and Rescue, Navigation, Piracy Detection and Engine Maintenance.

The versatility of these cameras means that they can be used by deep sea vessels and light craft alike. Motorboats and yachts, VLCC, bulk carriers, tugs, coast guard, fishermen and more.

A high quality handheld thermal imaging camera can be used onboard one vessel for several purposes, e.g. part of search and rescue procedure for man overboard, for detection of unauthorised personnel onboard in low security areas, detection of threatening craft in high risk ocean areas and even for detecting fuel leaks or overheating circuits.

Security :Of particular relevance today, for vessels engaged in international voyages, thermal imaging cameras can provide an extra level of security in high risk areas or low security ports. With a thermal camera it is possible to detect an approaching person or boat from over 1NM away, giving time for the Master and crew to react. EU Naval Forces have said that if any vessel can identify a potential threat and take evasive action for on average 45 minutes, any threat is likely to break off pursuit and head for an easier target.

A radar system can be used to tell the crew that there is "something" out there and thermal imaging can show quickly how many are on the deck of a vessel, whether the vessel is made of wood, metal or fibre glass and even if any weapons are brandished (depending on the heat emitted).

Search And Rescue or MOB: In a search and rescue or man-overboard situation at night, nothing can assist like thermal imaging. To be able to locate a floating person in pure blackness is extraordinarily difficult. Conventional night vision cameras, which make use of limited light sources, can distort images or the image can be obscured by the light source. With thermal imaging the picture is clear and can stand out even better than in daylight. The camera can also be used in daylight or reduced visibility situations to more quickly and efficiently locate a human body, as a thermal heat signature is highly visible in the water. (Initial tests conducted by some coastguard agencies indicate that the time to locate and pick-up a man overboard can be significantly reduced with the aid of thermal imaging. The statistics to support these findings are, however, not yet in the public domain.) Searching for a person in the water with a thermal imaging camera..

Peace of Mind: For a keen sailing enthusiast, a hand held thermal imaging detector can be peace of mind, especially when sailing with family members and with children on board.

Navigation aid: Using thermal imaging to navigate at night is extremely effective. It is possible to detect floating logs, navigation buoys, unlit markers, small fibreglass boats, which cannot be achieved with radar alone. The thermal imaging camera enables you to detect different textures of objects, distinguishing rocks from wood, etc. A high quality thermal imaging camera can provide peace of mind for motorboat and yachtsman.

Fulcrum provides the highest quality thermal imaging cameras, supplied to us by Argus. These particular cameras have several unique features as well as being highly robust and reliable. They have been used by naval and military units for over a decade, proving their robustness and reliability. With Argus cameras, it is possible to add an antenna to the camera that will transmit a secure encrypted image to a console that can be up to 1km away.

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