Market set to expand

"Driven by dramatic cost reduction of detectors, the market volume for thermography and infrared vision will triple by 2015!

Initially developed for the military market by US defense companies, use of uncooled infrared (IR) cameras in commercial applications has been growing over the last ten years. In the infrared spectrum, Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) is the most commonly used wavelength (8-12 microns). Thermography and a variety of vision enhancement applications are the main growth markets for uncooled IR cameras. Camera prices have been significantly reduced in the thermography business, which has allowed expansion of the use of IR cameras to maintenance engineers and building inspectors.

This camera cost reduction will continue through 2015 in the thermography business and will also be a strong factor in the vision market (also called night vision or vision enhancement) with the growth of the security/surveillance and automotive markets. Driven by the continued cost reductions, the volumes of camera sold will triple by 2015 from more than 200,000 cameras today to more than 700,000 units, meaning +23 % annual growth rate. The revenue growth will be about + 9% as market prices for the cameras decrease." Source: “Uncooled IR Cameras & Detectors for Thermography and Vision” Technologies & Markets Report June 2010

Fulcrum supply thermal imaging cameras from e2v, which are high quality cameras that have been developed and used for over 10 years by naval forces and security companies. This technology is now available to the shipping industry and can provide a real alternative to night vision and has numerous applications in security, search and rescue and navigation.

Hand held cameras are ideal for onboard security checks and for man overboard. Take a look at the Argus SC camera to see what we mean -