Bespoke Online Seafarer System (BOSS)

A secure web based system designed by Fulcrum Maritime to assist Flag Administrations with the management of seafarer certificates and documentation.

Designed in consultation with Flag Administrations, the system is STCW compliant and has configurable elements to enable each Register to use their own wording and branding.

  • No special equipment needed
  • No set up costs
  • Data security
  • Plug and play (minimum configuration, ready to use)
  • Designed specifically for seafarer certification and not adapted from another system
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Fast turn around of certification
  • Reduced overheads
  • Full document management system
  • Includes an Online Verification System for third parties

The system gives full control to the Ship Register. It enables the Ship Register to receive requests for Endorsements, Temporary Endorsements, Certificates of Competency, Certificates of Proficiency and Seaman's Record Books and to process them in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Documents can be distributed electronically, saving the cost of couriering documents.

This system is designed with longevity in mind to provide maritime administrations with a strategic platform to meet STCW Requirements to 2017 and beyond.

Fulcrum are fully committed to maintaining and enhancing the system to ensure that the functionality remains current and that it fully meets the requirements of all our customers.

The system has multiple levels of access built in, enables Manning Agents to have direct access to the system to input the bulk of the data (reducing the overhead on the Flag Administration) and is accessible 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.

BOSS System Features

  • Handles CRA, Endorsement, Seaman's Record Books, Other STCW Certificates (CoC & CoP)

  • Allows you to add your Flag customised templates for certificates
  • Enables reissues, duplicates and renewals with minimum administative overhead
  • Comes with financial elements built in to allow for production of invoices and receipts
  • Online forms with drop down menus
  • Full audit trail for each request
  • Unique document number for each document
  • Online Verification System for third parties

  • Central database of seafarer records

  • Web based so clients have access 24 * 7
  • Ability to enable Manning Agents to input and track their own requests online
  • Management controls and reporting
  • Complies with requirements for STCW (including online verification system)
  • Fully supported 24 * 7
  • Ability to distribute documents electronically
  • Reduced courier costs
  • Locate seafarer records quickly and easily with fully searchable document management system
  • Supporting documentation stored centrally
  • Invoices and Receipts generated automatically
  • Email notifications
  • Save requests as draft
  • Submit requests individually or grouped
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Full user manual
  • Proven technology
  • Maintained in line with STCW regulations at no charge

Further information

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact the business development team at or complete our Contact Form.

Fulcrum Maritime Systems

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