About Us

Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd has been providing high quality systems and support to companies around the world since 1997.

Since 2008 Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd has gained approval as an LRIT Testing ASP provider for over 65 flag states. Additionally Fulcrum is the Data Centre Operator for 12 Flags States worldwide, to whom we provide a range of services related to LRIT.

Our objective is to provide high quality systems to Ship Registries and Ship Owners to assist with Vessel Tracking and Vessel Management in order to adhere to IMO Regulatory requirements. Since 2010 we have been ISO 9001:2008 Certified, which has provided us with a strong foundation to fulfil our objective of continually providing high quality systems. Please take a look at our Quality Management Policy for further information.

Products and Services

- LRIT Conformance Testing

- Data Centre Provider

- Fisheries Monitoring

- Vessel Tracking Systems

"We can assist with IMO Regulatory requirements for Seafarer Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW), Vessel Registration, LRIT and vessel tracking. We design solutions to help our customers to operate in the most efficient and economical way, helping them in turn to achieve their own goals for excellence and quality.... We are proud of our commitment to excellence and will keep striving to deliver better and better in each and every aspect of our services." Karen Day, Business Development Manager

Fulcrum has a number of ''off the shelf'' products that are available or we can design and build a system from scratch to meet the regulatory or business requirements of our customers. Our team of highly experienced staff are always on hand to provide advice and guidance.

Based in Hornchurch, United Kingdom, within easy commuting distance of Central London and the I.M.O (Albert Embankment, London). Our offices are fully secure and include separate offices, conference facilities and server suite.

 If you would like to visit our offices or make an enquiry about how we can assist your business,  you will find our contact details on the Contact Us page.

 Paul Devlin, Director.