Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT)

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  • Vessel Data cross checked to ensure 100% accurate data avoiding unneccessary test restarts.

Vessel Tracking (VTS)

Satellite tracking system for single vessels or fleet management.

Online Seafarer System (BOSS)

BOSS is a web based system that enables Flag States to manage the issue of seafarer certification and to meet their obligations under the STCW regulations. This is a filler. It is not visible on the web page.

Systems Analysis and Design

Fulcrum specialise in building high performance, high security systems to streamline business processes with the aim of reducing the cost of the business process and improving efficiency and customer service. Key services include:

  • Satellite Tracking Systems
  • Long Range Identification and Tracking
  • Database Systems
  • Fisheries Monitoring Centres
  • Web based applications
  • Email and Instant Chat
  • Secure online payment systems
  • Consultancy & Training